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At molten wonky we enjoy creating fun, colourful and unique fused glass decorations that make you feel happy and smile.


We can come to you ! At molten wonky we have a great range of fused glass Kits

Links below for best selling kits but there are loads more in the KITS section in our shop.

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13th July

7th September 

26th October

16th and 17th November

21st and 22nd December 

Join Katie in her studio to look at her wonky decorations and where she creates them.  

You can also make your own decorations - starting at £20 per person. 

perfect presents
delightful decorations

molten in technique | wonky by nature!

Katie Lynn has transformed her love of glass into an original and colourful business, selling handmade fused glass gifts and decorations online and at craft fairs, shops and galleries across the country - all sold under Katie's brand name, molten wonky.

Katie's passion for colour, concept and form has inspired her to continue adding many new products to her original range. molten wonky was first launched in 2009.

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We can Gift Wrap your present in pink tissue paper and ribbon and write a note on one of our funky logo postcards.  

Each wonky product has the option to add Gift Wrap and for you to write a personal note.


We run Workshops so that you can learn how to make fused glass gifts, you can visit the studio, or we can visit you at home.

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Fused Glass Decorations from molten wonky

molten wonky are specialists in handmade fused glass gifts and decorations and was established in 2009 by artist Katie Lynn who has created a vast range of colourful and creative products.

Working out of our workshop between Saffron Walden and Haverhill, in North Essex we create beautiful and bespoke fused glass gifts and decorations - every item is unique. 

Katie has developed a fused glass workshop allowing you to learn how to make your own gifts, available both at our workshop, but also Katie will come to your home and run a group workshop for you. If you are unable to travel, you can also create your own fused glass with our range of fused glass kits.

For something really special, Katie creates her own Wonklyland range which is a range of fused glass artwork which can be commissioned to suit your needs.

You can find molten wonky at craft shows, events, galleries and shops all across the country as well as being able to buy online.

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