Make your own fused glass decoration with our kits

Easy steps to create your own decorations

Design and make your own glass work in the comfort of your own home.

It's simple

  1. Order from our range of kits
  2. Design and create at home
  3. Return to us for firing in a prepaid envelope
  4. Receive your beautiful creation in the post

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Here's our top four Kits but there are loads more in our fused glass Kit shop 


Unpack your Kit, sort the glass and sketch a design or go free-style!

unpack kit
sort glass
sketch design



Add some glue, add some glass and then a bit more ...

add glue
add glass
add more glass


What to do next ...

Leave to dry for 24 hours, pack up your work and post your kit back to us.

leave to dry
pack up
post box


What happens to your work ...

Your work gets fired, we add ribbons and post it back to you

the kiln
ribbons added
coaster dots added


Everything arrives with the kit ... just add imagination!

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Get a load of creative chums round for a bit of glass fusing fun and a glass of fizz 

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Customer creations

Don't just take our word for it, look at our gallery below of customers images

Fused Glass Kits to Make at Home

A while ago now we had the crippling lockdowns, life became very different for us all. Life stopped. Life started. Life continued. Life was different.

molten wonky was affected by the lock down in two ways. All of our Workshops were cancelled and many of the shops and galleries we supply had to close their doors. Katie felt the affect of the lockdowns profoundly, but wanted and needed to keep a bit of income coming in and also knowing the calming, mindful and relaxing effect making and creating had on her. This is also true of the Workshops she was running.....bit of thinking time was had and some practice and the "molten wonky glass fusing Make at Home Kit" was born!  Now everyone across the country could enjoy a bit of fused glass fun at home!  

Our Workshops are a lot of fun, the meditive effect that they have on a person can work wonders for mental health. Katie understands this and wants to continue that creative interaction with people.  Our Kits bring the workshop, in a mini way to your home and have been selling all over the country and are continuing to do so as poeple still want to learn a new craft and enjoy being creative.

Today is the day to take a bit of time for yourself to enjoy a few hours of sorting, designing and creating a wonderful fused glass decoration.

Many of our customers have been buying a Kit for themselves and one for a friend or two, then joining up for a Zoom call - making, chatting and creating all at the same time!  We totally love that our Kits are bringing people together in a positive and creative way. Ideas are always best shared and what better way than to have a zoom glass fusing party where you can add a slosh of wine into the mix .... one day we will all be together again.

Each Kit includes glass templates and fragments that have sharp edges. We know it's boring to say, and hopefully obvious, but please handle all the glass parts carefully and make sure to explain this to children under 16 who they must be supervised at all times.

That said, get thinking and get excited about tons of colourful glass, get creative, get thoughtful, get lost in glass.

All of the Kits have became very popular and Katie keeps adding to our online range, the latest ones are the Three Mini Easter Eggs and the Big Egg Kit.

Please visit the Kit section of our website to purchase. In this section you will also find information on how the Kits work and see samples of work that other people have created. 

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