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Get creative with friends and family and enjoy making your own fused glass decorations that hold lasting memories.

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Our molten wonky glass fusing Kits have been designed with your creativity in mind.

Glass Fusing is a technique which involves sheets of glass being heated in a kiln until it becomes molten. All the layers then melt together and once the work has cooled down the piece will have smoothed to create a finished picture, heart or coaster... or whatveer you have made!

The idea is that you choose your desired shape, we send you the chosen kit with everything in it to make a fabulous decoration. You just need to add your imagination! You post it back to us to fire in the kiln and then we return your wondeful work back to you!

When you recieve your Kit you can take your time to sort the bag of glass in to small and large fragments and then in to colours. Each bag is totally unique and many customers enjoy taking the time to get to know what glass they have to create their totally unique design. The sorting of the glass can also be a lovely mindful, calming process. If you don't want to sort the glass fragments, you don't have to. Just crack on with your design and start sticking the fragments onto the clear glass template.

Our Glass Fusing Kits are easy to use and are a lovely way for you to spend a bit of time being creative and mindful at home.

Customers have said that they have bought kits for other family members and friends and are joining up at a Zoom meeting and crafting together.  

We hope you enjoy making some lovely new decorations for your home using our creative crafty glass fusing kits!

molten wonky team x

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