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Host a Workshop at Home

If you fancy trying a new craft with your friends in the comfort of your own home then a Glass Fusing Party could be what your looking for.

Katie will come to your home, with everything that is needed for you and a group of eight or more, to make your own fused glass decoration.


Host at Home Workshop

Want to do something different for yours or your child's birthday party? Then, maybe a glass fusing workshop is the answer!

Katie will come to your home or venue with everything that is needed to run a glass fusing workshop. She will take all the finished work back to the studio to fire. Once the Workshop has finished Katie will clear the area and head off leaving you to carry on the party and enjoy the cake! 

You will need to provide a smooth table and a chair for each person to sit at, a vacumn cleaner to clean up after and for each person to bring their own imagination!

There are lots of different templates to choose from including a Coaster, a Picture, rainbows, suncatchers, hearts, birds and Christmas decorations 

Katie will bring everything that is needed for each person to create their chosen decoration.

Each person will be given a clear glass template that they draw around and do a simple design onto paper. The clear glass template is then laid over the sketch and the design is filled in by gluing the glass to the template. This design can be your own choice: an abstract design, rainbows, selfies, gardens, boats and landscapes ... it's endless!

Katie will explain the different types of glass that you will using which include glass frits, stringers and fragments. There is a whole spectrum of colours to suit all styles and tastes. 

When everyone has finished their work Katie will pack and clear up and take the work back to her studio to fire in the kiln. Each Picture and Mini Decoration will have white ribbon added for you to hang and the Coaster will have rubber dots added to the base.

Katie will fire your work and it will be ready to collect about a week later. All the work can be posted back to one address for an additional £10 if you're unable to collect.

You will need a minimum of eight people, any age from six upwards and the Workshop runs for about two hours.

Cost per person is £20 and each person gets to make two pieces of fused glass. Payment in cash on the day or via BACS.

All the work made will go back to the host individually packed in one of our molten wonky boxes.

Please note there will be an additional fuel charge of 60p per mile if run from your home.

Please email Katie at  to check availability.


flower garden
geometric coaster
rainbow picture

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