How To Buy a Wonkyland


A Wonkyland is a collection of bold, blowy fused glass blooms full of colour, sparkle and quirkiness, handmade to suit your colour and syle choices.

To find out more

  • Contact Katie and let her know your favourite colours and shapes
  • Katie will design your Wonkyland, sending you regular updates through the process
  • Once paid for you collect your Wonkyland directly from Katie
  • NOTE: Glass stemed Wonkylands can't be posted and will need collecting from Katie's studio in Essex


Round | Square | Oval | Rectangle | Cup | Moon | Star Burst | Sunflower 

round or cup
tear drop or rectangle
star or square



Pink | Orange | Red | Green | Turquoise | Purple | Yellow | Dark Blue | Lime Green ....

keep it simple
rainbow colours



Green Glass | Wire | Mixed Wire and Glass

wire and glass



Curly Wire | Shimmery Dichiroic | Millefiore 

curly wire
shimmery dichroic



Oak | White Washed | Round

white washed



Green Sprinkles | No Sprinkles | White Sprinkles 



  • Where are you going to place your Wonkyland?
  • How long you want the base?
  • How much you want to spend?
  • What colours would you like in your Wonkyland?
  • Wonkyland sculptures will make you smile, they are an investment in your happiness! 


Start with a Wonkyland sketch Greeting Card to inspire you

How To Buy a Wonkyland

Katie started making fused glass flowers in 2010 and the molten wonky garden has grown in to a wide and varied collection of bold and bulging blooms in the most vibrant and clashing colours.

Wonkylands came about after Katie had spent time pottering around in the garden and was enjoying the juxtaposition of all the fabulous colourful blooms bobbing around in the flower bed. She wanted to create that look but that could last forever and be placed on a windowsill to enjoy all year round.

Wonkylands are a collection of whatever crazy colourful stems you love, arranged carefully to work together in a winky wonky kind of way and secured in to a wooden base. You can rest assured, whatever you order, your Wonkyland will be totally original and unique to you.

Katie makes Wonkylands all year round and is very happy to make them to order, suiting your size, style and colour needs. A molten wonky Wonkyland will add a huge amount of colourful happy character to your space. It's an investment in your happiness, a Wonkyland is guaranteed to make you smile :)

Please note: Wonkylands with glass stems can’t be posted, they have to be collected from us, but all is not lost as we can also make the stems in wire. These Wonkylands can then be packed and posted without damage.

So, how do you go about ordering one?

You need to think about a few things...

Where will you be placing your Wonkyland?

Think about where you will be placing your fused glass Wonkyland. Will it be in a window or on a mantelpiece? This can make a difference with the colours and types of glass used to make your Wonkyland.

How long?

The base can be any size you like, they start with a 10cm round log base going up to a metre long.

The base is made from oak and can be left wood or white washed.

Your base will finished with a molten wonky stamp on the back and can be generically numbered eg. Wonkyland 349 or Katie can hand write a name on the front eg: Katie's Wonkyland.

Katie can also add white or green glass sprinkles around the base of the stems or glitter if you prefer.

Felt will be added to the base to protect any surface it's placed on.

Which blooms to choose?

You need to have an idea of the blooms you do like, and the ones you don’t!

Do you like wire in the flowers?

Do you like the shimmery dichroic glass?

Do you like the glass or wire stems or a mix of both?

Do you want a variety of sizes?

Are you placing the Wonkyland in front of the window?

Choose from the shapes that Katie already makes, or she can make custom blooms to suit your design. Have a look at the Wonkyland gallery here to get some ideas and inspiration

What colours would you like in your Wonkyland?

Do you want tones of the same colours with a hint of contrast, or would you like full out colours? Blooms are available in nearly any combination.

How much?

This is sometimes a good place to start

Prices start from £70 but let Katie know your budget and she can make a Wonkyland to suit.

Once you have an idea of what your designs and size Wonkyland you're after it's time to get in touch.

How to order a Wonkyland:

You can contact Katie by email or phone to discuss your ideas.

Katie can then either work to your budget or send you a quote.

Katie will sketch out your design and send you a picture of the proposed design.

You then confirm you're happy with the proposed shapes and colours so Katie can get making your blooms.

Katie will then send you an image of the Wonkyland, all set up, to confirm you're delighted with the layout before she secures them in to the wooden base.

You send full payment via BACS or PayPal and then you Wonkyland can be collected or posted for you to enjoy!

Katie will help and guide you though every step - don’t be nervous, get in touch!

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Katie will email you, not very often,  with info on new products, kits and events that molten wonky is involved with.

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