Fused Glass Art Work by molten wonky


Recreate Children's Art Work in Glass

Katie can adapt a simple sketch and recreate your drawings in to a piece of fused glass art work.

The drawing can be done by yourself as a child or one that your child has drawn.

You can choose to have them re-made as a hanging glass decoration, a picture in a frame or a Wonkyland

Fused Glass Family

Individual figures re-created in glass standing on a wood base.

You supply a colourful drawing and Katie will do the rest!

Fused Glass Family in the Garden

Have your family made in to a Wonkyland.

Get your child to draw the family and let Katie recreate it in to a piece of fused glass art 

Fused Glass Figure in a Picture Frame

You can have your sketch recreated in to a picture to hang on the wall

Fused Glass Hanging Decoration

Either find one of your child hood drawings or get your child to draw themselves and get Katie to recreate as a hanging decoration.

The simpler the better, but include a bit of colour so we know what colour to dress the figures in! 

The crazier the better!!!

Turn your Art work into a Wonkyland

Do you have a favourite doodle, painting or sketch that you drew as a kid or one that your child has done?  

Why not get Katie to recreate those drawings in to a piece of Fused Glass Art Work.  

There are a few options that can be made including a picture to hang on the wall, a hanging decoration to put in the window or hang on the Christmas tree or the whole family can be made and secured in to a wooden base that can everyone can stand on the mantle piece or on a window sill.

There are endless possibilities, so if you have your own idea of what you would like please get in touch with Katie to discuss options and prices.

gallery of fused glass figures

family with animals
crazy figures
fused glass family
simple sketches
family of 4
full of joy

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