Glass Fusing Blog | molten wonky

molten wonky’s #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge

22 April 2024

A look back at molten wonky’s part in a fun Instagram challenge this March. From new visions to the nitty gritty of running a fused glass business!

new event: molten wonky’s studio glass night

24 March 2024

A new event has reared its head at the molten wonky studio in Essex — our very own BYOB glass fusing craft night! Here’s everything you need to know.

fused glass gift ideas for autumn

17 October 2023

Here’s a blog for our quirky Autumn souls - to the ones that enjoy the cooler breezes and the cooling chill in the air. If you're anything like us, this weather always makes us start thinking of heartwarming gifts for the season.

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