Handmade Fused Glass Memorials | Covid

Katie will be off on a walking holiday from Monday 6th for a couple of weeks.

All orders during this period will be dispatched after the 23rd May. Stay wonky :-)

Create a Fused Glass Memorial

It is always a sad, painful and upsetting time for people who are grieving the loss of loved ones.

Katie has been working with families who have wanted to have the ashes of loved ones encased in glass as a memorial.

We offer a few different options and if you feel this is something you would like to do please get in touch with Katie to discuss options.


Fused Glass Memorial Plaques

Katie has been working with families who have wanted to make memorial pictures encasing the ashes of a loved one who has died.

This is obviously a highly emotional and sensitive subject but it is one that Katie can help you create a fitting memorial to your loved one, encasing their ashes into a picture that you can Make At Home or Katie can make for you.

There are three differerent ways to create your memorial with Katie but she is open to other ideas if you have something else you would like to try.

1 - You can buy a Kit to make your own memorial and encase your loved one forever within the glass.  * See note below 

2 - Katie can help you design a picture or she can add the ashes herself and create the memorial for you. * See note below 

3 - Yellow hearts have become a significant memorial to those who have lost their lives to Covid 19 and Katie can make you a Yellow Heart with ashes of your loved one encased between two layers.  

* Note: When firing ashes between two layers of glass it can sometimes cause a reaction that make the top layer of glass bubble, if only a fine layer of ash is sprinkled this bubbling is normally avoided but it's just something that you need to be aware of.


A Yellow Memorial Heart to remember your loved ones who have passed due to Covid-19

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