Fused Glass Bowls from molten wonky


Our glass Bowls will add a lovely pop of colour to your sideboard.

Treat with care and they will keep you smiling for years!

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At molten wonky we like to create unique, colourful objects and decorative glass items to style your home with and our vibrant fused glass collection of bowls is no exception.

Designed as a decorative piece of work, our bowls add fun and colour to a bedroom sidetable, kitchen worktop or as part of a collection on a shelf. 

Our Bowls are for decorative purposes, however if you wanted to use the Wavy Bowl to add the odd nut or two too or indeed adding an orange or three to our Stripy Bowl would be a stylish and fun way to eat your nuts and oranges!

The molten wonky fused glass Stripy Bowls are made from layers of glass, a clear shape is cut in to a circle and then lines of opal and transparent glass are added to create the stripes. The dots are made by cutting circles in the desired colour and added to the center of the circle. This shape is then fired. Once it's cooled down that circle goes back in the kiln to be slumped into the desired shape in a mould.

Our Wavy Bowls are made from two sheets of transparent glass that has been cut with a wavy, wiggly line for a bit of fun. The base of this Bowl isn't totally flat and the bowl will rock when touched. Wavy Bowl has a sprinkle of opal frits in the bottom for fun!! This particular Bowl looks wonderful on a white windowsill where the light catches it and creates a stunning colourful shadow on the the surface underneath.

Please be really careful with our Bowls if you are using them to eat from as they are glass and will break if dropped, which will make you sad :(

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