Handmade Fused Glass Meditation Mandalas by molten wonky


Spritial associations recreated the wonky way using layers of colourful fragments of glass.

Each one is totally unique and will bring you joy every day :) 

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A Mandala is an ancient symbol associated with meditation and Yoga.  

Our Mandalas are made from a clear glass base with scalloped edging which is then filled in using one of our Mandala designs, with a beautiful range of transparent glass to allow the light to filter through it, throwing sunny, colourful rays around your room.  Katie also adds opal frits and stringers to these designs to add more detail and character.

These beautiful fused glass Mandalas have been designed to hang in the window to allow the light to flood through them but you can also hand them against a white wall or they could be put in to a picture frame.

Please note that even thought each Mandala is made to a certain design and colour pattern you will find that each and everyone is unique and will vary slightly from the images shown.

Katie is very happy to create your own Mandala to suit the colours in your room.  Please contract her for more details on how to order a custom made Mandala.

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