Fused Glass Summer Time Decorations from molten wonky


Fun, vibrant glass decorations to splash colour all over your home as the sun shines in!


molten wonky creates lots of different seasonal fused glass products and our Summer time range is full of vibrant colour and joyful characters to keep you smiling all summer long!

Our Summer Time range is made from cutting shapes from sheets of coloured fusing glass and placing them in the kiln to get fired together. Many of the characters in this catagory have been given wonderful glass millefiori eyes, which adds to their charm and quirkiness. Please be aware that each set of eyes will be different, this obviously adds to the uniqueness of each product.

In our Summer Time range we have covered under the sea, with our multi-coloured Fish and up in the sky, with our wonderful sunny Sunshine and her happy face along with our Boat, to sail away and see the world in, all the time being watched over by our statuesque Lighthouse, with its beautiful silver dichroic light, keeping us all safe. 

Summer Time, as we know makes us feel good, warmer days and longer nights to enjoy and with one of our quirky products you can keep that feeling alive in your home all year round!  

Hang one of our Summer Time products in your window and enjoy the colourful light splashing through it or hook on to the corner of a shelf to add a bit of fun to your displays. Many of the products in this range are hung in customers bathrooms too.

Whatever you choose just make sure you keep that happy, warm Summer Time feeling going all year round!  

All our products are handmade in fused glass and are molten by technique and wonky by nature! 

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