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fused glass gift ideas for autumn

17 October 2023

Here’s a blog for our quirky Autumn souls - to the ones that enjoy the cooler breezes and the cooling chill in the air. If you're anything like us here at molten wonky, this weather always makes us start thinking of heartwarming gifts for the season. 

Here’s where fused glass gifts come in – and we think these fused glass gift ideas are the perfect blend of creativity, love, and authenticity.

Make at home fused glass kits

If your loved one has a creative flair, our Make at Home Fused Glass Kits offer a unique and personalised gift idea. Pick your desired fused glass kit, let your imagination run wild, and poof – you have a decoration just as unique as you. With everything provided in the kit, you just need to sprinkle in your artistry and send it back to us for firing. The best part? You can say, "I made this!" and truly mean it. 

Whether you’re gifting your kit to a friend, you’d like to make something for a friend, or it’s a gift for yourself, be proud of whatever you create with our DIY fused glass kits. It couldn’t be easier to create something one-of-a-kind and truly special

For more information about how our kits work, take a look at our Wonky Blog where we talk about How to Create with a Fused Glass Kit.

1. Fused glass hearts

If you’re a loyal follower of the molten wonky journey, then you’ll remember the molten wonky fused glass Love Hearts that have captured so many! They began with a simple desire by Katie for a quirky gift to rest her tea on – thus was born the fused glass Love Coaster

From this came many variations of our wonky Love Heart — differing in shape, colour, and size in their own unique way, you’ll still be able to find a fused glass heart that resonates with you. Made from specialist fusing glass, these hearts are more than just decor; they're pieces of love — and they make a brilliantly unique gift.

2. Fused glass birds

These chirpy beauties might not take flight (unless you choose to hang them with the nylon thread provided), but they'll definitely make your heart soar. 

Our Fused Glass Birds range from Cheeky Robins and Chicks to Elegant Flamingos and the iconic La La Bird — there's a feathery fused glass friend for everyone. Take a look at our range of fused glass bird decorations, making the perfect gift for any companion. After all, birds of a feather stick together, right?

3. Fused glass stars

Our Fused Glass Stars began as a twinkle in Katie’s eyes back in 2009, evolving over time into the perfect adornment for any space, twinkling away in their own wonky way. 

With the nights drawing in sooner, why not bring a slice of the night sky into the cosy warmth of your home? Gift these all year round as a sweet decoration, or hang them as a collection to create a remarkable decoration piece.

4. Fused glass Halloween decorations

Who said Halloween couldn't be both spooky and artsy? Thanks to a customer's request for fused glass pumpkins, Katie's fused glass Halloween decorations came to life. 

From ghostly ghouls to spindly spiders, they’re perfect for gifting to anyone that loves the autumnal spooky vibe. For a collection of all three, take a look at our Pumpkin, Ghost and Spider Halloween Decoration Set.

5. Fused glass candles

The fused glass candles that won't burn out! Just imagine a shimmering candle in every hue imaginable, twinkling without any fire hazard or fear of accidents. Want to jazz up a birthday? Stick them on a cake and watch the magic, or simply hang them up as a thoughtful decoration. You can even reuse them again without a worry. Available in jolly colours such as orange, blue, green and purple, you can deck out your party pad however you wish.

What’s so good about fused glass gifts?

We may bang on about how good fused glass decorations are for unique gifts, but for good reason…

They’re a form of self-care

Dabble in the art of glass fusing and let it be your meditation. It's therapeutic, trust us!

They’re gifts that last

Unlike a box of chocolates or a bottle of perfume, these fused glass gift ideas are strong enough to stand the test of time.

They’re unique

There’s an undeniable charm in fused glass gifts, one that brings a smile every single time.

Whether you're hunting for gifts for autumn or just want to treat yourself to a pick-me-up, fused glass is where it's at. It's environmentally friendly, serves as a beautiful piece of self-care, lasts forever, and looks utterly gorgeous (if we do say so ourselves!).

Join us at our fused glass studio this autumn

So, what are you waiting for? Pop down to our glass fusing studio in Essex to meet Katie and witness the magic firsthand. If you’re wrapped up cosy in blankets and fluffy socks, no worries — just browse our range of quirky gifts from the comfort of your home. 

We're also excited to tell you that we are running an Open Studio event on the 28th October and the 16th December 2023.

Either way, we hope you enjoy your fused glass gift whether you’re gifting or receiving. Here’s to a wonderful and shiny autumn from us at molten wonky! 🍁🎨🍂