Handmade Fused Glass Small Stars by molten wonky
Small Stars


Wonderful colourful stars to decorate your home all year round


molten wonky Small Stars are really one of the absolute original products that Katie stared making back in 2009. They looked a bit different, big bigger, bit spiky round the edges and not so wonkily uniform and they slowly evolved in to the Small Star that is now for sale in our Shop.  

The reason for the tweeks and changes to a design can be the make or break of it but with the Small Star we decided that keeping them all at around 7cm makes them look lovely and cute as an individual decoration and they also work as a whole collection, happy hanging together in wonky unison.

Our Small Stars are made from specialist fusing glass thats 2mm thick. We cut long thin strips from sheets of transparent or opaque glass which are then cut in to 7cm rods. These rods are then laid over each other on the kiln shelf so they fuse together to create a star. A tab is added to the top so that nylon cord can be added and you can hang your Small Stars in the window for year round colour and joy or pop a load on your Christmas tree for a bit of festive colourful fun.

Small Star comes in transparent and opaque glass. If you're hanging your stars on a dark green Christmas tree we suggest buying the opaque ones as the colour of the glass will stand out much better. If you're hanging the Small Star on one of our white Twig Trees with lots of Fairy Lights then the transparent work really well as the colour will be enhanced by the white back ground and the lights.

These Small Stars were orignally designed as a Christmas decoration but you can use them all year round and they can be given to some one just to say - You're a Star!

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