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... it really doesn't have to be scary, it can be cute, colourful fused glass fun!

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It's that time when spooks are happiest so we have added colour and comedy to our fused glass Halloween decorations to keep even the scariest ones looking cute and jolly.

Katie was asked by a loyal customer to make some Pumpkins for her Halloween tree in 2020 and the idea of making a Halloween decoration collection started to take shape. Later this year we hope to add a mini skeleton and some sweeties to the range.

Our Halloween fused glass decorations are made by hand cutting shapes from sheets of coloured glass, laying them out on a kiln shelf and firing them for about twelve hours. Once they have cooled down nylon is added to hang them from. These decorations look fab on one of our Twig Trees, you could even spray it black! 

The Spider has his wire legs fused in to his body along with his naughty smile and he is ready to sit down beside you!! Pumpkin has got a great Orange toothy smile and her green felt leaves are added after she has been fired. Our spooky little Ghost is really fun and has her net veil added after she is fired which shrouds her crazy swirly eyes. 

It's true that this is one of the newest ranges of fused glass decorations and we love them all!   Some of our customers are even using them as Christmas decorations, we love that our products can be used for so many celebrations!! 

Happy Spooking! 

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