Fused Glass Candles by molten wonky


Crazy candles that won't burn you but will dazzle you with their wonderful colours and shimmery dichroic flame.


Our Candles originated as a piece of art work to celebrate Hanukkah. So many customers commented on how much they like the idea of a glass Candle that we now make them individually. 

The Candle is made from a clear glass base with transparent colour laid over the top. Candles are available in every colour of the rainbow! A thin piece of wire is sandwiched in-between the layers and is finished with a flame made from a piece of fabulous dichroic golden glass, giving a lovely shimmery glow. A piece of nylon is added so you can hang them and, can easily be removed if you wish to use as a Birthday Cake Candle!

As mentioned above our Candles can be used as a cake decoration for a special Birthday, stick them in a cupcake or get a few and put them in a giant birthday cake. Guaranteed no dripping wax on the cake and plenty of colour and fun will be added to your celebration feast!

These Candles can also be hung on the Christmas tree and will twinkle away without causing any fire hazzards! They look really pretty when fairy lights shine through them.

Whatever you choose to use your Candle decorations for, they are certain to bring lots of colourful fused glass sparkly fun to the celebration.

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