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07 August 2023

molten wonky’s 3 hour fused glass workshops

3 hours sounds like a long time for some, but not when you’re absorbed in a world of beautiful fused glass creations! Katie’s 3 hour fused glass workshop is full of fun and creativity, where you can learn how to create your own fused glass art in a supportive environment.

Come along and create one of the following pieces of fused glass art:

  • 4 Coasters
  • 4 Decorations
  • A Set of Bunting
  • 20x20cm Picture
  • 20cm Round Mandala Picture
  • 15cmx25cm Picture

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What will I learn in a molten wonky glass fusing workshop?

If you’d like to come along to our fused glass workshop, you will:

  • Learn the basics of glass fusing
  • Learn to cut glass safely
  • Play around with different types of glass
  • Design and create your own work
  • Choose your own creation to make
  • Eat tea and biscuits as you create!

What happens in the glass fusing workshop?

At the beginning of the workshop, Katie will introduce herself to make you feel comfortable and ready to make your fused glass creation. You’ll then be able to take a look around the cutting room where you will cut the glass for your creation. This is also where it goes in the kiln, ready for you to take home!

Next, Katie will talk to you about what you can create in your fused glass workshop and how to create different effects using sheets of coloured glass and fragments.

In the 3 hour workshop, you can either create a fused glass picture, a fused glass coaster set, or fused glass bunting. For a little bit extra, you have the option to create waves, curves or bowls!

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to create, Katie will teach you how to cut glass into different shapes for your piece of fused glass art. Don’t worry if you struggle at first - Katie will be there to give you a helping hand whenever you need it. The workshop is a no judgement zone. Ultimately, you’re here to learn and have fun in a safe space!

If you have anything specific in mind for your creation, feel free to bring your ideas along to the workshop and Katie can help you bring them to life. 

If you have any questions throughout the workshop, Katie will be on hand to help you. Whether you’d like to know about how molten wonky came to be, or you need help finessing your glass fusing technique, Katie will be more than happy to assist you. 

Once your fused glass art is ready for the kiln, you will then have the chance to browse the molten wonky studio where Katie displays her wonderful fused glass gifts and trinkets on her gallery wall. You will then have the opportunity to buy anything if you wish!

Who can come along?

Unfortunately, you will have to be 16 or older to attend the 3 hour workshop due to the fact that glass cutting is involved. Don't let this put you off bringing your little'uns to any other events! The 16+ rule only applies to the 3-hour glass fusing workships. Children aged 6 and above are always more than welcome to attend the studio and our party workshops.

What can I create with fused glass?

Here are just a few examples of what you can create in the 3 hour fused glass workshop:

When can I take home my fused glass art? 

When you’ve finished creating your fused glass art, Katie will fire your work in her studio kiln. You will then be able to pick up your fused glass art around a week later. If you live further away, Katie can post your art for an extra £6.



If you’re curious and would like to learn something fun and exciting, contact Katie and come along to molten wonky's 3 hour fused glass workshop.