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Christmas Box Sets


Want to send a lovely presents all tucked up in tissue paper?  

Gift Wrapping is available on all of our box sets.


At molten wonky, we are so proud of our Christmas-inspired hanging glass ornaments made through intricate glass fusing. All of the products in our Christmas Box Sets have been favourites of our customers for years - and we hope you love them, too! 

Within our Christmas Box Sets, you will find three, five, or thirteen glass tree decorations - perfect for displaying when hung together, or individually, for a bit of twinkly, festive cheer. 

Each of our glass fusion Christmas ornaments have been made by cutting shapes from specialist fusing glass. With a hint of magic, we then arrange these shapes onto the kiln shelf, and sprinkle them with gold and silver glitter so that your glass decorations are ready to give your home the festive sparkle it deserves. 

The beautiful products in these fused glass decoration sets are all unique and individual. You can rest assured that each melted glass decoration will be fun, quirky, and made with love - all tucked up in white tissue and one of our branded gift boxes.

If you want, you can even gift wrap your glass fused gift with your own personalised note. 

Merry Christmas and wonky wishes!

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