Handmade Fused Glass Christmas Tree Decorations


Get your wonky collection off to a good start with something from our fabulous range of Christmas Tree decorations.


We wanted to create a range of fused glass decorations that could be hung on the tree or, if you wanted to, around your home; in the window or from a shelf, from a mirror or around the neck of a bottle the options are endless and we are sure you will find the perfect place to hang your cheeky wonky decorations!

At Christmas time most of us have a tree and glass decorations are a traditional way of decorating it and even though our decs aren't particularly traditional we are sure you will find something you will love from our colourful, quirky collections to add to your tree this year.

All of our fused glass decorations are made by hand cutting shapes from sheets of clear or coloured glass that is then laid out on a kiln shelf and fired. Once cooled, nylon thread is added so you can hang your chosen decoration.

If you don't fancy a trad green tree this year then you could opt for one of our rubber Twig Trees, available in the Accessories catagory in our Shop.  We use these trees to display many of our decorations through out the year at the shows and events we go to. The beauty of these trees is that the branches don't snap and they are strong enough to hold our fused glass decorations. 

Happy Christmas!

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