Rubber manzanita white twig tree from molten wonky


Our Trees can be used to display all types of fused glass decorations: Easter, Christmas, Halloween or just to have decorate your home all year round.

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Our molten wonky accessories include Fairy Lights and Rubber Twig Trees. Katie tried loads of different lights and trees to get the right base for her display stand. These trees and lights are her favourite and her best!

Many of the stands we set up at the events we take part in will have our fantasic Rubber Twig Trees at the heart of the display. The branches of these trees can be bent into shape without them snapping like real wood does and they are strong enough to hold all of our glass decorations.

Depending on the time of year Fairy Lights are strung through the branches of the Twig Trees to create a festive, magical stand. It's lovely to watch many of our customers, old and new, smiling whilst they look over the stand, deciding which piece of wonky work to take home with them. We love to make people smile! 

The rubber Manzanita Twig Trees come in 3 sizes: The smallest is great for a window sill display where you don't want to much light blocked out. The medium Tree looks good on a sideboard or on a kitchen island and the tallest one standing 120cm is a stunning table centre because you can create a bit of drama but still see the person sitting opposite you! Whichever tree you choose we are sure it will get plenty of use. Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's or just to hang your car keys on!!  These Trees also look great as part of a collection of three if you have the space to go maximal!

Our Fairy Lights are expensive but they are wonderful. They are small pockets of LED lights strung on to thin wire that is easy to guide into the places and shapes you desire for your set up. We have long sets of lights that are plug-in, or shorter sets batteries operated ones. Both can be used outside.

Whatever you choose we are sure you will be pleased with your purchase and you will be able to have a permanent display of wonky wonders all year round!

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