Fused Glass Bowls from molten wonky

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Our Fraggley Bowls will add a lovely pop of colour and shimmer to your sideboard.

Each bowl is totally unique as each fragment of clear glass is laid individually.

Treat with care and they will keep you smiling for years!


At molten wonky we like to create unique, colourful objects and decorative art glass items to style your home with. Our vibrant and decorative Fraggley fused glass bowl collection is no exception.

How to use your Fraggley Bowl

Designed as a decorative piece of work (although they can be used with care for the odd nut or nibble), our Fraggley Bowls will add fun and colour to any bedroom sidetable, kitchen worktop or as part of a collection on a shelf. The perfect quirky glass decoration for any creative art lover.

Our Fraggley Bowls are mainly for decorative purposes, however if you wanted to use it to store items then you can do so with care. From rings, jewellry, hairbands and cotton pads to nuts, fruit and snacks if you wish.

How we make our fused glass Fraggley Bowls

The molten wonky fused glass Fraggley Bowls are made from layers of clear glass fragments, arranged on the kiln shelf to create a "Fraggley" outline - this is what makes our glass fused bowls unique.  The colourful centre circle is hand cut from transparent glass and laid over the top. Each bowl is then finished with a stunning disc of tonal dichroic glass. This unique shape is then fired. Once it's cooled down that circle goes back in the kiln to be slumped into the desired shape in a mould.

Safety note

Whether you're using your Fraggley Bowl as a decorative piece or for snacks, please be really careful with them. As beautiful as they may be, they are also made from glass and can easily break. And this will make you (and us) sad!

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