Handmade Fused Glass Soap Dishes by molten wonky

Katie will be off on a walking holiday from Monday 6th for a couple of weeks.

All orders during this period will be dispatched after the 23rd May. Stay wonky :-)

Soap Dishes


Keep your hands clean by having your soap within easy reach in one of our colourful dishes 


We love a bar of hard soap at molten wonky so adding Soap Dishes to our range has worked very well.

We also love uniqueness at molten wonky and our Recycled Soap Dish is no exception. This Dish is made from a base layer of clear glass that is over laid with small mosaic fragments and pieces. We arrange and sort out the fragments that have been created by recycling our off cuts. Each Dish will have a different selection of fragments to the next, making it a totally individual piece of work.  Each Dish is finished with an opaque piece of glass ribbon.

The stripey Soap Dish is made with a strips of transparent glass laid on to the kiln shelf and with strips of transparent coloured glass laid over the top. This Dish is finished with a border around the edge made from opaque glass ribbon. This way of making the Dish gives it a lovely molten layered effect.

Once the dishes have been fired they then go back in to the kiln to get slumped in to a mould which gives them the ridges and creates the edge.

Covid-19 has effected all of us in different ways but has also shown us that we need to clean up with our hand washing and what better to encorage friends and family to wash their hands than display a lovely bar of soap in a colourful molten wonky Soap Dish. 

If you fancy making your own have a look at our Make at Home glass fusing Kits. Have a look a the Soap Dish but there are lots of other designs too.

Each Soap Dish is unique and they can also be used for other things. You could put nuts or small snacks in to them or use them to keep your earrings safe, whatever you choose you will be able to enjoy the lovely effect and colour you will get from this wonderful little Dish. 

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