Handmade Fused Glass Rainbows by molten wonky


Wonderful wonky fused glass Rainbow to splash colours all around your room!

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Rainbows come in all shapes and sizes and we are adding to our range of Rainbows all the time.

The actual Rainbows in our collection have been made by cutting a clear glass base and then strips of transparent glass are layed over the top and the layers fuse together when heated up in the kiln. Each Rainbow has a thread of nylon so you can hang your decoration in the window and enjoy the natural light and sunshine shining through. 

Covid-19 as we know has affected us all and we are pleased that our Rainbows have been bring people a bit of joy during this dark time and saying Thank You to our amazing NHS.

If you fancy making your own Rainbow you can do this at home with our Make at Home Glass Fusing Kit, choose Rainbow, but look at the page as there are lots of options of other shapes to create.

Rainbows only arrive when there is rain but also sunshine and Katie has always loved them, bring a bit of a hippy at heart, she wanted to make sure they were part of her fused glass decoration collection.

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