Handmade Fused Glass Snowflake Christmas Decorations
Giant Snowflakes


Winter wonderlands are filled with snow and our stunning Snowflakes will add a splash of colour and wintery delight to you windows during the festive season!

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The Giant Snowflake is one of Katie's favourite products and, even though they are tricky and fiddly to make, she still loves them.

They are made by hand cutting strips of coloured fusing glass which is then laid over each other to create the main base of the snowflake. On the end of each arm of the Snowflake we add extra details of glass to create the Snowflake effect. They are finished off with hand painted dots of tonal glass paint added and then fired.

These Snowflakes look stunning hanging in a window and because they are made from transparent glass, the light and if we are lucky enough, that wonderful winter sunshine, will shine through them casting beautiful colourful Snowflakes all round your room.

Just a note of caution: These Snowflakes are delicate and need to be handled with care.

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