Handmade Fused Glass Flower Blooms by molten wonky


Blowsy barmy blooms in wonderful colours to hang in your window 


Our fused glass Blooms come in a wonderful selection of shapes, sizes and colours and we are adding to the collection all the time.  

The fused glass Blooms are made using a combination of transparent and opal glass. These differences help to create a lovely colourful flower. The transparent glass allows the natural light to flood through it and the opaque glass adds a different tone to the Bloom. 

These Blooms, the Mini Bloom, Barmy Bloom and Sunflower are made to hang in the window or from a shelf. If you like these flowers you may enjoy looking at our Wonkylands which are larger sculpural art pieces that stand on your windowsill or mantelpiece. Please look at the Wonkyland page for more information 

Each and every product is handmade by Katie and her team of wonky makers and is therefore unique. This adds to the product's charm and character.

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