Fused Glass Bunting from molten wonky


Fill your rooms with our fantastic fused glass Bunting and you will be rewarded by wonderful colourful shadows bouncing around you room when the sun shines!

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Our Fused Glass Bunting is a real eye catcher and will add a wonderful splash of vibrant colour to your windows.

Our Bunting is created by handcutting triangles from clear glass and over laying them with transparent coloured glass.  Each design has a different type of center that adds its own personallity to the run of traingles. 

The rings that the bunting hang from are fused inbetween the two layers of glass and colourful ribbon is added and some designs include silver jingle bells that jingle when the light and a breeze catches them.

Katie also makes sets of personalised fused glass letters that can be strung together on ribbon and look wonderful hanging in a any bedroom window.  Please email Katie to find out more about these letters.

All our Bunting comes to you in a gift box and if you would like us to make a run of Bunting in certain colours please get in touch with us.

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