Make at Home Glass Fusing Kit by molten wonky

Make and Create your Kit at Home

Instructions are in the Kit and a description of how they work is on the page of each Kit

Here's a snap shot of how easy our Kits are to use:

  • Choose it 
  • Make it 
  • Enjoy it 
  • Everything you need is in the Kit just add your imagination
  • All postage included with the Kit

Make and Create at Home

Our Glass Fusing Kits are simple and easy to use.

Enjoy thinking, designing and creating your decorations, even if you don't think you're creative, just have a go!

This is what you do :

1 - Choose your Kit

2 - We post to you or your chosen recipient

3 - Open carefully

4 - Sort the glass

5 - Do a simple design (or not)

6 - Add glue

7 - Add glass fragments

8 - Take a picture for reference

9 - Leave 24 hours to dry

10 - Post Kit back using pre-paid label and envelope

11 - We fire your work and return to you in 2-3 week 

12 - Sit back and enjoy your work!

Kit contents:  instructions | paper | glue | tweezers | glass template | pre-paid return label

All of our Glass Fusing Kits have become really popular since the first lockdown and we are adding to our range all the time, so keep an eye out for new and seasonal Kits. We hope we've thought of everything to tell you about our Kits but if you’re unsure please just email


These Kits are designed for adults to make and create. However, older children can enjoy making these Kits but need to be supervised at all times. The Kit contains unfired glass and so the aren't recommended for young children. Please make sure you sweep and wipe down your making area once you’ve finished creating to pick up any fragments of glass. As we have said, this fused glass craft Kits contains raw unfired glass that can cut you.

Please enjoy but handle with care.