Cotton Merchandise printed with our molten wonky Logo


Useful cotton merchandise printed with our brand new funky molten wonky logo!

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Here it is - our very own molten wonky merchandise!

We are thrilled with the funky new logo that Clare designed for us in 2020 and wanted to splash it all over the place!

We have Tote Bags, jolly useful for popping in your handbag in case you need a bit of emergency shopping, you can find the pink one really easily!! They are made of 100% cotton and can be washed.

Our T-Towel is also 100% white cotton and has the molten wonky logo printed on the bottom righthand corner. Please use every day and don't keep for your best. We love our products to be used!!

And for all you budding chefs or just to keep the glass off you in the workshop we have a pink or white Apron. Logo proudly stamped across the middle at the top for all to see!!  Our Aprons can be washed but the logo may fade a bit with time. This is normal.

We aren't really sure what else to say about our molten wonky merchandise except enjoy! 

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