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Love hearts are always a wonderful item to have around your home and with our Long Love Heart glass fusing kit you can now make your own.  Long Love is the same shape as our popular Dotty Love heart, so now you can decorate your very own ! You can either make one for your self or someone else or get a kit posted to them so they can enjoy making one for themselves !

The kit comes with everything you need to make 1 Long Love Heart and square charm.  The kit includes 2 glass templates, paper, instructions, glue, glue spreader, tweezers and most important of all, a generous bag of unique multi coloured mixed glass fragments for you to design and create a wonderful design.

You just need to find a pencil and your imagination!!

Your glass work will come back to you ready to hang from a piece of ribbon.

This is how it the DIY kit works : you choose which kit you want to make and we post it to you. You make your chosen piece. Let the glue dry then post it back to us, using the stamped address envelpoe provided. We then fire it in the studio kiln and post it back to ready to hang in your window!

Our kits also make fab presents for friends, family, girlfriends and boyfriends and don’t have a time limit on when they have to be returned, so are perfect as gifts for loved ones to create !

Disclaimer: The glass kits consist of unfired glass in the form of the template and in the bag of fragments. The edges are sharp and can cut you if not handled carefully. Children ages 6-16 need to be supervised and to have this explained to them. Kits are not suitable for children under the age of 6.

Please message if you’re unclear about anything. These kits work wonderfully and I am sure you will be delighted with the results !

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